TinyMiss Pike County

2018 Tiny Miss 

Pike County

Henley Kate Frachiseur

1. Contestants must be residents of Pike County or attend school in Pike County or live in a Pike County school district.

2. Contestants must be 2-3 years old the day of the pageant.

3. If already holding another county's title, a contestant may not enter the Tiny Miss Pike County contest. 

4. If named Tiny Miss Pike County, a contestant may not enter another county's pageant in the same year.

5. Entry form and $30 entry fee must be turned in at rehearsal. No late forms will be accepted. Blank entry forms will be available at rehearsal.

6. An adult must accompany the child on stage.

7. Contestants must ride in the Pike County Fair Parade.

8. Contestants should wear pageant dresses.

9. Contestants must attend rehearsal on Sunday, September 15 at 2:00 p.m. in the Crawford building at the fair grounds.

10. Prizes will be awarded. If the winner is unable to fulfill her reign for any reason, all prizes and monies must be returned to the Pike County Fair Board. Violation of any of these rules may be caused for revocation of title. This will be determined by the pageant director and the Pike County Fair Board.

11. Only contestant will be admitted free to the contest.

12. Only 1 chaperone (no men) is allowed in the dressing room with the contestant.

13. No photographs allowed in the dressing rooms.

14. Evening gown competition will be held immediately following the Baby Miss pageant on Thursday, September 19.

15. For more information, call Jaime Johnson (870) 223-3201.

16. Score sheets will be available through email only. You may sign up at rehearsal to have your score sheets emailed to you after the pageant. Requests for score sheets after rehearsal will not be accepted.

17. If it is determined that a contestant or guardian of a contestant provided false information (ex. fake or incorrect address) on the Entry/Emcee Form, the contestant will be disqualified. If it is determined after prizes and titles have been awarded, the title and prizes will be forfeited immediately. 

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