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This year's Pike County Fair theme is "Carnival Lights & Country Nights."


On this website you will find links and paperwork for all aspects of the fair.  Everything that used to be located in your fair book will be here. 


Last year's fair and rodeo was a great success due to the hard work of board members, kids, families, and many volunteers. As you visit our 2019 fair, please pay attention to the sponsor screens in the buildings and banners located all around the fair. Visit these local businesses that have graciously sponsored our fair and show them your support and appreciation. 

Carnival Lights & Country Nights


September 16-21, 2019

2019 Pike County Fair Board Members

Jackie Bowen-President

Eric Diggs-Vice President

Tameria Nolen-Secretary

Melynda Bryant-Treasurer

Danny Dougan - Reporter

Karen Baker

Bubba James

Jaime Johnson

Jimmy Clark

BJ Hill

Ethan Angel 

Betty Epperson


Pike County Fair 

Fairground Location

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