Clothesline Art

Chairperson: Jaime Johnson 870-223-3201

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All children, grades K-6, may participate.  This includes home-schooled students. 

  2. Use standard 8.5 x 11 white paper mounted on construction paper. (The construction paper helps the art hang better.)

  3. Students may use crayon, ink, markers, paint, or pencil. No chalk.

  4. Please tape or glue the provided label on the bottom left hand corner of the FRONT of the artwork.  This way students and families will be able to locate their artwork easily. 

  5. Pictures are hung on wire. Please tape two pictures back to back with tape on the top so they can be hung over the wire.

  6. Clothesline Art information will be emailed to schools at least 3 weeks before the fair.

  7. A PCF board member will pick up the line art by Friday, Sept. 17. Please have someone at school collect the line art and have it available in the office.

  8. Each picture shall be awarded  a ribbon. No prize money will be given for clothesline art. 

  9. Sweepstakes winners will be selected from each grade. Winners will receive a rosette. 

  10. This year's fair theme is "." 

  11. Art may be viewed after the parade on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

  12. Art will be returned to schools the week after the fair.

Fair personnel are not responsible for art.